The Best Grill Covers To Protect Your Gear: A Buyer’s Guide

If you don’t have much time and just want to find out what the best grill cover is, then I recommend the Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover as the best one.

Whether you are new to grilling or a seasoned professional, you should have the best grill cover to protect your equipment. Finding the right one can add years of use to even the oldest of grills. Here is everything you need to know about grill covers.

What to Know When Looking for a Grill Cover?

While a BBQ cover seems simple, they are quite complex. There are several features you want to consider when trying to find the best one, and you also need to make sure the cover fits properly. Otherwise, you will miss out on tons of important protection.

How to Choose the Best Grill Cover?

Grill covers use a surprising amount of technology. The best models utilize synthetic fibers that are resistant to just about anything, including moisture, heat, and UV radiation. When searching for heavy-duty grill covers, take a look at the following characteristics.


You want to choose a synthetic grill cover because the fibers have been reinforced with plastics to keep moisture out. Synthetics are also easy to clean and won’t grow mold when left outside. Almost every BBQ grill cover you can find will use synthetic fibers, so it shouldn’t be hard to fulfill this requirement. Materials like polyester also tend to be great choices.

Elemental Resistance

The greatest threats to your grill are going to come from the elements – wind, water, heat, and UV radiation. The ideal cover should be able to withstand all of these so your grill stays protected even when it is not in use.

Some key features to check for are the cover being completely waterproof, boasting at least partial resistance to UV radiation, being rip-resistant, and also being heavy enough to avoid being blown off by the wind.

UV radiation is something detrimental to grills that many owners don’t consider. It facilitates the erosion of the metal, can overheat the fuel source, and also discolors the exterior over time. It will also discolor a low quality cover, so it’s importance to choose a model that won’t become faded after a few months.

The Advantages of a Grill Cover

Having a grill can be one of the greatest investments when you want delicious food. But you need to protect that investment to keep it around. Outdoor grills are constantly exposed to the elements, and this can cause major damage to the different components.

Here are the advantages you gain by using a cover:

  • No exposure to harsh elements like wind, rain, and snow
  • No “ash paste” when rainwater mixes with the charcoal dust in the grill
  • Reduced chance of rust from water attacking the exposed metal
  • Fuel protection – the cover also stops the elements from attacking your chosen fuel source

Another major perk is that pests and critters won’t be able to attack the grill or die in it. Plus, you won’t end up scraping bird poop off the top when you want to use it.

How to Size a Grill Cover

Finally, to get the right grill cover, you need to make sure you know what size you need. This will take some measuring if you don’t have the manual with your grill’s dimensions offhand. The three main measurements you will need are height, width, and depth.

To measure height, you will want a loose tape measure. Height is the distance from the highest point on the grill to the lowest. Make your measurement in inches or in centimeters depending on where you live.

Width is also simple. This is the distance between the two farthest points of the grill when measuring lengthwise. Distance needs to include any shelves on the sides of the central grill since you want your chosen cover to fit over everything.

Finally, you have depth. Depth is understood as the distance between the front of the grill and the back.

When you shop for a cover, use these three measurements. It is usually a good idea to go up a size or two when finding the right one, as this will give you extra material to use.

Should You Cover the Grill All the Time?

Covers are great, but you don’t need to use one all the time if you live in a mild climate. Covers are best used during the spring and fall when the weather is unpredictable. After all, you don’t want to ruin your grill by having it be caught in the middle of a thunderstorm. If it’s winter, you need to take additional steps to protect your grill.

During the summer, just put the cover on when you know it’s going to be more than a couple of days before you grill again. This will stop it from becoming damaged when not in use, and also gives the grill time to settle and cool after a prior session.

Grill Cover Reviews

VicTsing Grill Cover

The VicTsing grill cover is designed for wide gas or electric grills which need extra protection from the elements. The primary material is 600D polyester which is waterproof, wind-resistant, rip-resistant, and UV radiation resistant. It is also weighted to prevent flying off during storms and comes with handles and fasteners for easy use.

Grill cover VicTsing

This cover is available in small and large sizes ranging from 30 in. to 72 in. It can be sprayed with a hose for easy cleaning, and a warranty is available but not included. This is a very simple model but works well with outdoor electric grills, making it a good choice if you own one.


  • Fade-resistant design
  • Weighted
  • Available warranty
  • Tight fit


  • Fades after a year of use

** Check price on Amazon **

Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553

The KingKong Gas Grill Cover 7553 was an interesting choice for me. This model includes many of the standard features expected of a cover, but also comes with a pair of tongs and a meat thermometer in case you were missing either of those. The main material is polyester fabric and is designed to be resistant against rain, snow, and the wind.

Grill cover Kingkong

This is one of the only covers which comes in smaller sizes, down to 22 or 30 in. It is also available in large options like 52 in. and above. A 36-month guarantee is included so the cover will be replaced if something happens to it during this time.

Instead of traditional fasteners, the KingKong uses Velcro straps to hold the cover in place. The material can be hosed off if it needs to be cleaned.


  • 36-month guarantee
  • Uses Velcro instead of fasteners
  • Includes grilling accessories


  • Runs about 1 in. short

** Check price on Amazon **

Homitt Gas Grill Cover

The Homitt gas grill cover is, like the name suggests, designed to fit over gas grills. This is another large cover, meant to accommodate three to four burners without difficulty. It is meant to fit the majority of brand name grills and comes in a variety of sizes starting at 58 in.

Grill cover Homitt

The material is heavy-duty 600D oxford fabric with a PVC layer that is rip-resistant, wind-resistant, UV radiation resistant, and also waterproof. The fabric is heavy so it is not disturbed by the wind, and there are also fasteners and straps for extra reinforcement. It is fade resistant as well, so you don’t have to worry about the black material lightening over time. Handles are included.

One of the best features about the Homitt cover, though, is the double sewing around the corners and edges. This helps prevent tears and stops water from leaking through the seams. Cleaning is as simple as spraying down the cover with a hose and allowing it to dry outside in the sun.


  • Double sewing
  • PVC layer in the design
  • Warranty available
  • Suitable for large grills


  • The seams often have stray threads and pilling

** Check price on Amazon **

Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover

The Grillman cover stands out for having one of the most durable materials currently made for outdoor use, which is a PVC-lined Oxford material. This cover is waterproof, UV-resistant, wind-resistant, and rip-resistant while still being lightweight and easy to fit. It is designed for the majority of popular grill brands but also works for those rarer options.

Grill cover Grillman

The fit of the Grillman is excellent, with reinforced stitching around the corners and sides to prevent tearing. There are multiple sizes ranging from 58 in. to 72 in. lengths. Side straps and fabric hooks lock the cover in place, providing extra security during storms or inclement weather.

However, what makes this grill cover stand out is the lifetime replacement guarantee. If it rips or fades, the company is willing to replace it no matter how long it has been since you bought it. This is excellent if you want to improve the lifespan of your grill and don’t want to have to replace the cover.


  • Reinforced stitching
  • Fade-resistant
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee


  • Tends to be longer than advertised

** Check price on Amazon **

Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Grill Cover

The Simple Houseware grill cover is exactly what it sounds like – basic yet heavy-duty. It is made from 600D polyester fabric and is one of the only covers I’ve seen to also have built-in handles so you know how to properly lay it. There are also fasteners so you can lock it in place during storms and harsh weather.

Grill cover Simple Houseware

The basic model is a simple black and is waterproof, wind-resistant, rip-resistant, and UV-resistant. It certainly checks off a lot of the necessary boxes and looks great to boot. There are multiple sizes available ranging from 55 in. to 72 in., and the cover itself is designed to work with most of the major grill brands.

Plus, washing this grill cover is easy. The material is designed to be wiped clean or sprayed down with a hose for easy dirt and dust removal. Since this is such a simple design, it works well if you want something basic that will protect your grill without making much of a fuss.


  • Easy to clean
  • High UV-resistance
  • Includes handles and fasteners for proper fitting


  • Corner stitching comes loose easily

** Check price on Amazon **


Out of these options, the best one is the Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover. It meets all of the requirements I listed in the value section since it is resistant to almost every element and also comes with extra security to hold it in place. Plus, the Grillman Premium stands out since it is the only one to come with a lifetime guarantee. While other covers are good, this one will last for a long time and help preserve your grill for years to come.

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